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I get asked a lot ‘Why ActiLabs?’ so I decided to go into detail as to what standards I set for them to meet and what I was looking for:

I was looking into most of the DS companies, at their products, their work ethos, their ingredients, their knowledge, their training, their support network, and their career plan along with their incentive plans before making my decision and ActiLabs won hands down for me, here’s why:

💕The company Image – As much as we all pretend image doesn’t matter, when it comes to products… it does! Our eyes are drawn to pretty, professional, edgy/quirky.

So for me, I was looking for a product range that would fit in with my salon image and my salon product range so I was looking for a range that looked professional, clean, clear and of a high quality. They certainly tick that box, don’t you think?

Acti-Labs cover

💕Product Quality – What does this mean? To me this is what ingredients are used, the quality of those ingredients and does the product really do what it is claimed to do?

ActiLabs pride themselves on using science to get the best out of nature. They use natural products over synthetics wherever practical to do so.

All products are designed to work with your skin/hair/body, to get the best results you are looking for.

They take inspiration from surgical treatments and designed a product range to achieve similar results naturally and in a none-invasive way!

ActiLabs then began to expand into the makeup and healthy living side which is why they are in the process of rebranding from ActiDerm to ActiLabs.

💕The company ethos – This is important to me as it shows the back bone of a company, What they stand for? Do they care about their name? Do they care enough to ensure you have the correct training and information?

ActiLabs closely monitor all advertisements used and created by their ambassadors where their logo and name is concerned! You cannot over promise a product, as they are brilliant alone and don’t need false promises made as that leads to disappointed customer’s. You have to get pictures using the logo approved to ensure the same message and professionalism is kept across the Company.

They are strongly against animal cruelty therefore no product is tested on animals and no ingredients used are tested on animals. As they are all for getting the best out of nature, Bee’s wax and bits like that are used, as they also believe in using natural products over synthetics, but no animal is ever harmed or even effected when it comes to ActiLabs products, and this is the only reason they are not listed on the PETA website.

They are pro green! ActiLabs have recycling contracts for everything that enters the facility. Wherever possible use recyclable materials for packaging and everything that leaves their facility.

They have very informative descriptions and all information is passed down through the company and downlines to ensure everyone sings from the same sheet, so to speak.

💕The support network – This to me is huge… If I am going to invest my time building my online presence for my online business I wanted to know that should I ever have any questions they will be answered!

I have been placed in a few different companies ‘support groups’ these are secret groups on facebook usually that everyone promoting the products have access too, and again hands down ActiLabs were the best!! The most active! The most friendly and helpful! Everyone shares their own results, customers results (where they have permission to do so), advice, hints and tips! And best of all one of the owners is also very active in the group, answering questions, giving advice, helping everyone, no matter what level or how long they have been with the company.

💕The company career plan – With this I was looking for personal commission paid, incentives, incentives to build your team and your business.

ActiLabs have ensured that with the company career plan you can build and grow your business fast and efficiently but also that no one can sit and ride off the back of your hard work and do nothing themselves. This is one of the biggest plus’s for me, if you choose to  build a team, you need to ensure you continue to promote your own business, this is the only goal set, you don’t lose anything if not met, just you don’t earn off your team comission. So both you and 1 member of your team need to hit diamond status in order for you to earn team commissions. Which I think is perfect! Why should I sit and do nothing whilst every downline I have is working hard… I shouldn’t!

They don’t push for you to recruit, because you should want to do this for yourself. Not because you are being told to do so!

They also have a brilliant and very achievable incentive plan so as you grow you are rewarded. Company car, spar breaks, additional pay etc.

💕The products themselves – So having being won over and already falling in love with this company I wanted to test the products.

WOW – is the best way for me to describe them! So I brought 3 products to try:

HD foundation which is only £11.50, It’s skin sync mineral based makeup and contains Anit-Acne ingredients (which was a god send as another DS companies foundation had sent me super spotty all under the skin). I can honestly say I was so shocked at the sheer quality of this product… I am an Ester Lauder/Bare Minerals loyalist, so switching was not the norm for me, but I needed to test it if I was to sell them! They give brilliant coverage, My skin looked and felt flawless, I didn’t even feel like I had makeup on, so lightweight.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE commented on my face asking if I had changed anything. So this was a definite winner, and now my forever foundation.. just as good if not better than my usual at a fraction of the cost.

Anti-Bacterial face wash which is £13.50, ok so a little more that most face washes but not compared to high street brand cleansers. My skin instantly felt cleaner than ever before, skin instantly glowed, my make up came off effortlessly, it’s none foaming so this takes a little getting used to but the feel and smell is just gorgeous! I still use this daily and I am still on my first bottle which I brought the beginning of November (now March) so definitely worth the money and as good as they say.

Collagen body lotion which is just £11.50, Claims to reduce stubborn stretch marks and tone the skin, I tested this on legs and bottom area as I do have stretch marks there, and I can honestly say my skin felt soft, My butt definitely felt firmer and the stretch marks faded! So again another winner, another for my skin care forevers and does exactly what it says it will.

💕Sign up fees, monthly targets, Monthly fees – This is important because if I am about to invest my time, I need to know what is expected of me, upfront.

ActiLabs have ambassador kits, starting as little as £20 UK and when over in USA (end of March) around $27.50 which is your online shop which looks like this, and allows your customer base to be literally anywhere in the UK, IRL, and soon the USA! Your back office and training access.

They also have starter kits, where you can choose to start with products so you can test and show potential customers. These do have targets but for month one only.

There are NO monthly targets and NO monthly fees, simply join and work your business how you want to!! You can use all forms of social media, create groups or have a page, run an instagram profile, twitter, pinterest, any social media you can think of.

There are only a couple things you are not allowed and that is selling on E-Bay, Amazon and others like this, Which I didn’t want to do anyway.

So There you have it, My WHY for ActiLabs and also why I think you would love it too! If you would like to discuss joining my ActiLabs team please send me a message.

Thank you and until next time: Stay beautiful



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