5 Tips to growing your hair.

Preparing your hair is imperative in order to grow luscious, voluminous, shiny, healthy hair.

Step 1 : Back to basics – concentrating on washing your hair.

Shampooing – wash your scalp and condition your hair. Remember this.

Wet your hair, Massage shampoo into your scalp, rinse and massage shampoo into your scalp again, rinse and squeeze the water from your hair, apply conditioner to mid-lengths & ends, comb through with a wide toothed comb leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse really well.

The suds from shampooing your hair will cleanse the length as the water washes it down. there is no need to pull it all up into this foamy mess ruffling it all up.

Step 2 : Stop ruffling that towel

Towel drying your hair – Squeeze. Never ever ruffle.

Wrap your hair in a towel. Squeezing without ruffling.

The point to the conditioner is the re-balance the PH of the hair and smooth the cuticle. Ruffling the towel just reverses the effect of the conditioner.

Step 3 : Reduce or protect from heat

It is now common knowledge heat damage effects the condition of our hair. Reducing the amount used (dry naturally/no straighteners) or make sure you always use a good heat protectant.

Step 4 : Have your hair cut – damaged hair can be fixed, broken cannot

This is most likely the scariest suggestion ever for anyone trying to grow their hair, as a stylist I understand this, but also understand the importance of this step. If your hair is split, it will keep splitting, meaning as your hair grows from your scalp, the ends are thinning and breaking off. having them cut to remove all dead ends will allow them to stay strong, and scheduling regular trims – 1/2 inch every 6-8 weeks – will then remove the split ends developing but still allow your hair to grow longer.

Step 5 : Diet – what you eat is what you are!! hair included

Everything our bodies do comes from the fuel we put in, healthy in means healthy out. I don’t mean giving up chocolate and sweets, just take a step back to look at your food intake, are you getting enough minerals and vitamins from your food? do you need to eat better? cleaner? make wiser choices? drink more water? Your body uses food for everything and discards what is not needed. When we lack nutritionally, our body prioritises what gets what first and with that our skin, nails and hair are last to receive anything and in that order! Our bodies don’t care how nice our hair is, if it’s shiny, or even if its attached to our scalp. Hair is not vital to our existence so it simply comes last in the pecking order.

Eat well, drink plenty of water and get some multi vitamins to fill the gaps and top up what might be missing. This will not work if you’re not already getting enough nutritionally but they are needed all round in my opinion. Seek advise in what supplements are best for you.

Until next time: stay beautiful


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