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In 5 Tips to growing your hair we talk about what goes into your body and how this effects your hair. I also share a couple tips on how to look after your hair correctly including how to actually wash your hair, this post is about what you use to look after your hair. It’s not just what you use but how you use it too.

This is a vital step into maintaining our hair as it grows, to help keep it in tip top condition from route to tip.

Whilst many of us focus on the new hair growing, we all seem to forget about the hair already open to the elements of every day life. It is imperative we look after our hair in order to grow long healthy, shiny, voluminous locks!

I use JOICO and think they are amazing. They are the only range on the market that reconstruct your hair fully from the inside out, they don’t put a pretend nice feel on your hair, the nice feel you get is actually your hair. Depending on what colour my hair is or if its feeling dryer or oilier than usual I alter what products I use to match my hairs needs.

I currently use:

  • Cliniscalp for chemically treated hair shampoo and conditioner – To ensure new hair growth is as thick as possible I write about this in Project 1 – cliniscalp
  • K-Pak Colour Therapy restorative styling oil – To protect against heat and help dry up-to 50% faster
  • K-Pak Split end mender – To protect the ends from splitting between trims.
  • K-Pak liquid reconstructor – To replace all missing amino acids and rebuild hairs strength
  • K-Pak protect & shine serum – To protect against further heat and provide extra shine.
  • K-Pak deep penetrating reconstructor – To deeply reconstruct my hair from the core.
  • K-Pak hydrator – To re-hydrate
  • Raw coconut oil – Massaged into scalp to treat scalp and hair.

Not all the above is used all the time. So I explain in my routine how all this is used and how often.

Routine : General care

  • Wash every 3-4 days using Cliniscalp shampoo and conditioner.
  • Towel dry hair (squeeze)
  • Apply pea size amount of restorative styling oil evenly through mid-lengths to ends.
  • Apply pea size amount of Split end mender to ends only
  • Spray generously with liquid reconstructor
  • Dry and style as usual
  • Apply pea size amount of protect and shine serum to finish

Once weekly : At home reconstructive treatment

  • Wash with cliniscalp shampoo or K-Pak shampoo
  • squeeze out excess water
  • Apply small amount of deep penetrating reconstuctor through, massage and comb through. Leave for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse and squeeze excess water
  • Apply small amount of hydrator to mid-lengths and ends and comb through. Leave for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse well. Squeeze excess water and wrap in towel. Proceed to after wash styling in general care.

Twice monthly : coconut treatment

  • Raw Coconut oil treatment – every other week before washing apply Raw coconut oil to scalp and hair generously and leave for around 1 – 2 hours.

Every 6-8 weeks :

  • Trim (6 weeks)
  • 4 step in salon treatment by joico. (8 weeks)

There seems to be a lot in my hair care routine, but broken down it works out to be 10 minutes once per week, up-to 2 hours every other week and 2 seconds after each wash twice per week. Said like that – its nothing at all.

Joico have a wide variety of products to suit all hair types and needs. Leave a comment if you need help choosing your own product choice. Or try these above. They are safe to use on almost everyone’s hair.

We are working our way towards my hair growth Journey and I am now at the end of my base prep for my hair going forward.

Until next time: Happy hair day


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