lets talk… growing old

Hi everyone,

Growing up it’s recommended we to begin our Anti-Ageing regime.. moisturisers, creams, lotions and potions from the age of 21… I mean we’re barely out of nappies let alone thinking about showing the signs of ageing! And if you’re anything like me, I’d just think ‘yea yea’ and continued using my makeup wipes on a morning and sleeping without removing my make up (most nights, I was too tired would be my excuse), moisturisers when I remembered, I’d have ‘fads’ on my face care regime, spending £100’s on cleansers, toners and moisturisers, use for a few weeks, skins becomes great and I’d start getting lazy again! sound familiar?
O.K so fast foward 10 years, now at *cough* 31 and I do wish I had started looking after my skin 10 years ago! Don’t get me wrong I mean I still don’t exactly look my age, but just imagine how youthful we would all look had we have just listened.

I have never been one for following strict skincare regimes:

  • Remove makeup before bed,
  • Cleanse morning and night,
  • Moisturise daily
  • Prime before makeup
  • Night cream

So on and so forth, but since November 2015 I have ‘almost’ religiously been following a cleansing regime and have really noticed a difference, my oily t-zone is no longer an issue, rarely have breakouts, and my skin tone is even. So this has me thinking… flawless makeup, starts with good skin 💜 don’t expect amazing results from your makeup if you’re not starting with a good skincare routine!

So what happens if you fail to look after your skin? well, over time your skins collagen levels deplete leaving your skin saggy, wrinkles start to show, age spots start to appear, it loses it’s elasticity, bounce and glow, and the best part? You won’t notice until that one day, like me, you look at a picture and think ‘wow I look tired, my skin looks old!’ Everyone tells you you’re insane, but you can see it, and really, deep down they agree slightly but no one ever wants to make you feel bad so they sugar coat everything for you! And who is this helping?

So with this, March’s skin care instalments are being dedicated to my skincare must haves with hints & tips thrown in too.

Starting from the very beginning with cleansing!

Until next time: Stay beautiful.


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