A little update with project #1 – grow my hair

So last year, September 2015 to be exact, I decided to start actively growing my hair. I say ‘actively’ as I have technically been growing it since for ever! From my really bad hair cut when I was a very young girl in fact, which is  actually the reason I hate hairdressers and also partly the reason I became one! I refused to cut my hair and it grew very long, I was later made to have another cut and I wanted ‘feathers’ one side was beautiful and the other… well, lets not start swearing on the net now, lets just say she cemented my true hatred for hairdressers. Hatred is actually a very strong word as I didn’t hate them as a person just didn’t trust them with my hair. Still don’t if i’m honest, just me, myself and I.

Anyway I digress, Back in September my quest began and I scoured the net, binge watching YouTube tutorials and as I touched on this in ‘curiosity killed the cat, or grows your hair‘ My aim was to begin trialling all the weird and wonderful claims out there. Time managed to pass by way too quickly and I Somehow managed to do some of the testing but not write up all my findings 🙈 so I am now making the time to do this! A promise is not a promise if it never materialises!

So far I have shared:

💕Growing your hair – 5 tips to growing your hair, where I talk about how to correctly look after and maintain your hair.

💕Are you prepared? – This is where we look a little more into the ‘we are what we eat’ scenario as this is so true.

💕Shampoo & conditioner for thinning hair – I then trialled and still use a shampoo and conditioning range from JOICO for thinning hair.

💕My haircare – We then took a little look into my hair products and routine.

💕Inversion Method – How it works

💕Caphill-Hair Capsules – Do they work? – In November I came across a company that have been achieving brilliant hair growth from their capsules and lotion, so I have put them to the test.

This works out to be 1 per month, so will continue with this as most tests now are monthly. I may, time permitting, give half way updates or sneak peaks into progress on some tests. I will also share all links and product information along the way.

I have briefly mentioned and have been using pure coconut oil on my hair bi-weekly since October and swear by it, so next up… Pure coconut oil, and your hair.

Until next time: Happy hair day


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