I have been self teaching through an app called DuoLingo for around 2 years now. This sounds a lot but broken down into a couple months here and couple months there, it’s not. So I have now booked and started a course at Brasshouse languages in Birmingham UK. It’s a 13 week beginner plus course. I know the basics of saying hello and asking how your are, speaking about family members and introducing friends and family. How to use the verb essere – to be, avere – to have, volere – to want. 

As I progressed through my self learning it became clear very quickly that I had learnt a-lot through DuoLingo and text books but I feel I have progressed to far without really mastering any of the verbs and as so many are so similar I get confused really easily. So I figured a course may help. I would also love to do an intense course in Italy for a week to progress my learning. 

Each week I will share with you the course trainings and any additional parts I get to do in between.