Inversion method – 7 most commenly asked questions. 

Through my quest for longer hair as quickly as possible, I fell upon the inversion method… I thought, probably as you are now, what on earth is the ‘inversion method?’

Well after Binge watching quite a few YouTube videos and a little research I decided to add this to my list of things to test out for you guys. Firstly a few questions you may be asking:

1. What is it? 
So the inversion method is simply 2-5 minutes scalp massage every day for 7 days… Upside down 😳

2. How do I invert?

The easiest and simplest way to do this would be to lie on your bed, on you back, and hang you head off the edge, or sit completely wrong on your sofa and watch TV upside down for 5 minutes. Alternatively another way would be to throw your head forwards between your legs.

3. Do I need anything?

Nope, simply invert and gently massage, maybe get your loved one or a friend to massage your scalp whilst you close you eyes and relax a little.

4. Can I use oils?

Of course you can! Some people swear by oil combinations that they use, if you choose to add oils use only a spot on your fingertips, too much will send you greasy. If you do, then invigerating oils will be best.

5. Why invert?

So in my binge watching YouTube, reading blogs and researching information I found no-one explains why! So this is where my hairdresser training can help… Hair growth begins with our blood. Massaging your scalp not only feels good but it boosts blood flow, adding to that, you have now put yourself upside down, blood flow has increased further so the theory is, increased blood flow = longer, thicker hair quicker.

6. How often should I do invert?

Once a day, 2-5 minutes, 7 days, once a month. Doing this for longer periods of time will result in you going greasy quicker too, why? That’s for another blog! For now please trust me when I say you need to give your scalp a break in between! So break for 3 weeks.

7. How much growth can I expect?

During my binge watching YouTube, I came across some realistic results and some not so realistic results! Your hair is not going to suddenly jump inches in 7 days ladies, let’s be realistic here. There is no answer to exactly what to expect as everyone’s hair growth rate differs. On average your hair grows 1.25cm per month so this is around 0.5 inches every 4 weeks.

I think that should be everything so all that’s left now is to try it! Let me know how you get on, if you used oils, how you invert. I will be sharing my results with you soon.

Until next time: Happy hair day


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