Caphill-hair capsules – Do they work

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As you are aware I am on a quest to grow my hair. I am aiming for it to be around waist length by October 2017 (wedding) and it is currently shoulder length. In one of my previous posts I describe my current routine and supplements I use to help prepare, ready to grow my hair, long and healthy. After seeing some fantastic results from ActiDerm’s Caphill-Hair kits I ordered mine, I chose capsules only as the lotion was out of stock but I am not usually a fan of having to use dampening products on my hair daily.

The test – For 2 months (December 2015 – January 2016)

I decided to substitute my Biotin supplements for caphill-Hair capsules by ActiDerm – The idea behind ActiDerm’s Caphill-Hair capsules is to ensure your body has everything it needs to produce healthy, strong hair. As hair grows from you scalp it can take a while to see true results. This is why I chose to test for two months.

When you order you receive 2 tubs for £17.00, one is listed Day an the other Night, you take 2 twice daily – morning and night – both bottles are exactly the same but as our bodies are only able to absorb so much at any given point it’s best to separate across the day rather than take the full dosage at the same time. I found taking the capsules easy, on first inspection they seem rather large, but they are very easily consumed. Have no nasty smells like some other supplements and no side effects. Although my nails began to grow rather fast too!

Here are my pictures 8 weeks apart. Before Caphill and 8 weeks after. My hair has also been trimmed twice, Straight after the first picture and a week before the second.

Please note the before picture is a closer set up to the after, I didn’t realise 🙈 As you can see, there is a noticeable growth in these pictures and then factor in the trims, I feel that Caphill-Hair is now a definite YES in my daily quest to longer, thicker hair! From the success of the capsules I will be trialling the lotion throughout March 2016, without the capsules. Then in April both together.

So in conclusion, yes Caphill-Hair capsules work!

So until next time: Happy hair day



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