I am a self taught Yogi, I’m not sure if I am actually what you would class as a yogi to be honest, but I was once really getting into yoga, doing 30-60 minutes daily and really seeing the benefits, then may 2015 we went to America and I fell completely out of sync, jet lag set in quite bad on my return to the UK and I have struggled to get back into it ever since. As I have a weak back yoga helped a great deal and I really enjoyed it, I have tried on and off doing a session here and there but not been able to sustain it. 

So following the rule : It takes 28 days to form a habit I have decided to get on my mat for even 5 minutes a day, doing 60 minutes was becoming to much and I needed to ease myself in, I like 20-30 minutes but even 5 is better than nothing. So whatever I have time for! 

If I miss a day the count continues and when I get to 28 and i haven’t managed 28 days in a row, the count starts again. 

This is my journey back into yoga and becoming a possible yogi.