Pure coconut oil for your hair.

Hi everyone,

If you are following my quest for longer, thicker hair naturally you will have seen by now I have talked a couple times about pure coconut oil, but I haven’t gone into great detail as I was saving that for today!

After binge watching ridiculous amounts of YouTube talking about the benefits of coconut oil it became obviously clear that the only people talking about all this stuff actually knew nothing about hair and how it is of any benefit, All they would say is that it helps grow your hair… in reality this is actually not correct! It does aid in growth, but it doesn’t make it grow.

So this boils down to your hair care in the interim between trims. If you neglect your hair it becomes weak, brittle and this leads to it breaking off. So as your hair continues to grow from your scalp the ends don’t seem to be moving as much, getting the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your hair are important, I recommend you speak to your stylist or drop me a comment below. Also make sure you start doing weekly treatments to ensure you keep your ends in the best possible condition so they stay healthy, strong and stay attached to your hair.

So for the benefits:

💕Reduces protein loss

💕Cooling effect on sweaty scalps

💕Conditions hair and helps protect against lice

💕Helps clear dandruff

💕Nourishes dry hair

💕Minimises split ends

💕Provides relief from boils

Coconut oil has many benefits to our hair and scalp, it is best used either once weekly or bi-weekly. I use bi-weekly as I also use JOICO reconstruction treatments every other too.

You need to make sure you are using pure coconut oil, not something made with, I brought mine from Holland and Barrett’s called Tiana extra virgin coconut oil. It’s best kept in the fridge, but warmed up to apply. Pure coconut oil will change consistencies at different temperatures, it is solid form when cold and runny when warmed up.


How to:

So first things first, simply transfer some from your large jar into a smaller container, I use a knife and scrape filings into a small glass jar.


As you can see the coconut is in solid form and now needs warming up, how you do this is important too, using a microwave or oven can actually remove some of the benefiting properties so the best way is to boil some water and put that in a bowl around your smaller jar and cover with a plate so the steam and heat can slowly liquify the coconut oil.

Once you have warmed it up. it will look like this:


And is much easier to work with! Make sure you have old clothes on as it can be a messy process. Now you will need a comb, split your hair down the middle into two halves so it’s easier to apply, dab your fingers in the oil and massage into the scalp along the parting you have created. Simply move in half inch sections all the way down you head repeating this process and the same on the other side.

Now for the fun part, whatever is left in your jar you can apply all over the rest of you hair through to the tip! Comb it through, pin it up and leave for at least 1 hour. You can leave this in over night just make sure you place a towel over you pillow to protect your pillow from the oil.

Shampoo out, condition and style as normal.

I found that my hair was so much more manageable and easier to style after the very first time of using coconut oil in this way and definitely recommend to all my friends, family and clientele. This is most definitely one of my musts for everyone, especially if you are trying to improve the health, condition, or length of your hair!

Until next time: Happy hair day


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