Thirsty hair – Quench it!

Up or down, smooth or curled, the choice simply isn’t there for those who’s hair is excessively dry. However caused, the fundamental reason for dryness can be found in the hairs hydrolopidic layer. A thin membrane between the cuticle and the hair’s cortex, it’s responsible for hydration levels, so when broken, hair fails to retain moisture. Luckily Joico have developed a unique way to repair it! Hydramine sea complex™

Moisture recovery group pics

Features an benefits:


  • Contains the Bio-Advanced peptide Complex
  • Features the exclusive Hydramine Sea Complex
  • Intense, Restorative moisturisation
  • Reverse dry, difficult-to-style hair
  • Leaves hair fluid, smooth and manageable

Moisture recovery science

Moisture Recovery line:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Treatment balm
  • Leave-in moisturiser

Restore the hydrolipidic barrier: Hydramine Sea Complex™ An elixer of the oceans, consists of an exclusive blend of marine botanicals and minerals normally invisible to the naked eye, that together fix the hydrolipidic barrier to restore manageability and stop further dehydration.

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