Long hair fast – Inversion method…. tested

As you know I am on a quest for beautiful long hair naturally.. and previously mentioned… the inversion method, that has claims across the net world to be able to grow your hair by up to 2-4 inches in just 7 days!!

Being a hairdresser and knowing the in’s and out’s of how hair grows, it’s needless to say I am possibly THE biggest skeptic to these excellent looking claims. But I am also not one to knock anything before trying it, and it definitely doesn’t do any harm to try this one.

I have gone through how the inversion method works and what you do in a previous post: here.

I decided to do a YouTube style video for this one, and hang upside down for 5 minutes everyday for 7 days.

Here is my video for you:

Okay  so as you can see my hair certainly didn’t shoot down my back, in-fact it’s arguable it barely even moved! which is as I expected, the reason for this is hair won’t suddenly have a growth spirt to those extremes, however… I do find this method very beneficial and definitely worth adding to your maintenance routine. Just once per month, no more.

Her are my before and after pictures for you:

If you do this method once a month, you will ensure your follicles are kept nice and healthy and in turn your hair will grow through healthier as a result, adding oils can also aid in healthy hair growth. Doing more than once a month will result in you going greasier quickly as you are massaging the sebaceous glands after all.

So in conclusion, the theory behind this method is to increase blood flow to your scalp and this aids in the growth of healthier hair. Definitely worth a go and definitely one to add to your routine but not one for instant super long hair.

Until next time: Happy hair day ❤️


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