Curiosity killed the cat, or grows your hair

Stylists tell you all the time how you should look after your hair in order to keep it healthy, if you wish to grow your hair then listening is even more important!

Do stylists listen to their own advise? No!! They moan all the time that their hair needs cutting, has split ends and doesn’t grow. Difference is they know why.

A little back story:

In 2007 I was given a bad hair cut that looked like a mullet gone wrong! From this I inserted extensions to allow some length to grow, took them out and bobbed my hair to ‘start again’ my hair was around my bra length and I hate my hair in a bob! Here it is:

From then on I have wanted long hair again,being impatient I would put in and take out hair extensions, in order to try persevering with shorter hair I would change my colour (I get bored quickly)

I’ve had 46 different hair colours and style between then and now (it’s now 2015)! 46!! That’s an average of 5 changes per yer, you’re only recommended to trim between 6 and 8 times per yer!!

[wpvideo oWuQwoYL]

So I have sent myself on a quest for healthy, strong, long, shiny hair, that is all my own.

Project #1 : grow my hair

Throughout this project I will be trying all sorts of things to see if I can grow my hair to the middle of my back. I will be listening to my own advise and adding a few extras for fun along the way, like eggs… This I know is a myth but without actually testing who am I to judge?

My curiosity was sparked 7 weeks ago 2nd june 2015 where I thought ‘what if I try Joico Cliniscalp?’ I don’t fit any of the criteria and my hair isn’t thinning but what if?! Cliniscalp is specifically formulated for thinning hair.. my hairs not thinning per say but it is definitely finer than it was years back. So here are my findings so far on Cliniscalp. project 1: growing your hair – Cliniscalp

I hope you enjoy following and join in on some of these experiments along the way. If you do join, please comment and let me see your results and findings

Until next time: Happy hair day



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