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In order to grow your hair you need to prepare it first. I explain this in back to basics.

If you are visiting from my post Curiosity killed the cat, or grows your hair then you will already know I am currently on the quest for long, healthy hair.

Joico recently released a new product called Cliniscalp. Cliniscalp is designed for thinning hair. Thinning hair is effected through many different reasons, and Cliniscalp can help with those effected by helping clean out the follicles and promote new healthy hair growth.

I decided to try Cliniscalp on the off chance it may work, I found above all I love the shampoo and conditioner! No questions there, it is one I would continue to use anyway.

Here is my hair to start:


I had recently taken my extensions out after 7 months having them in, meaning my hair had not been cut for all this time too, I had cut it to just below my collar bones previous to this. Due to blending the extensions in, my own hair is slightly uneven and thinning around the middle base at the back. Take note of how split the ends are and thinned down they are.

From taking this picture I realised my hair could be better and can be long again naturally, so I have vowed  to ensure my hair has regular trims (every 6-8 weeks), Started to use Cliniscalp shampoo and conditioner, not the treatment part, and weekly joico reconstructive treatments. I have been using Joico for 3 years now.

7 weeks later
7 weeks later

In the latest picture you can see the hair length is marginally longer but bare in mind has had 2 trims, one the week after the before (when colour changed) and one the day the later picture was taken. So with this in mind the growth in 7 weeks is fast and the hair really filled out in the length. Below will be the two side by side:

Cliniscalp 7 weeks before and after

Cliniscalp 7 weeks before and after

I will take an updated picture every 6-8 weeks (each cut), in this thread and link the other threads as I work my way through 1 by 1 all the weird and wonderful hair growth spells in the world and whether they work or not.

until the next time: Happy hair day


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