Are you prepared

As a follow on from preparation is key, I wanted to elaborate on the fact ‘you are what you eat!’ Hair included.

You do need to eat a healthy diet and drink enough liquids to ensure your hair is going to come through at its best. Strong and healthy! I know this is something that is said a lot for almost everything. Actually everything, but that’s because it’s true. Simply put healthy in = healthy out, and yest it really is that simple.

The rules on nutritional values seem to be changing daily at the minute so it is very confusing when it comes to knowing if your are in fact getting all that you need from you dietary choices. As a rule of thumb, if you are getting at least one portion of veg per day, fruit daily, fish once weekly, some red and white meats and nuts, seeds and salads you will be on to a very good start.

To top up I also take a couple supplements but try to get as much as possible with my food choices.

Omega 3: x3 in a morning. Omega 3 is very good for your system, it is good for your heart, eyes and brain function. Also proven to aid the body in the absorption of vital nutrients.

ABC Plus: x1 in a morning. This multi vitamin and mineral has small doses of pretty much everything the body needs daily so just a top up.

Biotin: x4 in a morning. Biotin helps aid the body in the production or keratin which helps your hair, skin and nails. I only take the lower 300pg tablets, be careful not to take too high a dosage if you have normal absorption levels as this supplement has been known to cause acne in rare cases where too much has been used.

I decided to take this combination for 1 month before starting any of my tests to ensure all my levels were at their best.

I have found my nails have shown the first signs of improvement, this is as expected, hair can take a while, in fact months to show any signs really. As a result I will be continuing this combination on for 6 months and write up my thoughts then.

First up in my journey to Long, healthy hair, Coconut treatments!

Until next time: Happy hair day


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