HairAnew review

Project #GrowMyHair | February

Throughout February I have been testing a new range I came across one night on Facebook called Naturenetics and their product HairAnew.


The link I came across was offering a free months trial for this product from amazon in exchange for your amazon review.

You take 2 capsules daily, I took every morning after breakfast. I found taking them easy they’re not too large, and as I kept them by my breakfast things in the kitchen, i never forgot them.

So you’re probably wondering – Did they work?

Lots of people report dramatic changes in their hair, less fall out, definite growth, feels thicker and stronger. I can’t say I felt all of these however I do look after my  hair and some of those who don’t may get more dramatic effects than I do given my hair is already strong and healthy, as for the length… 

Looking closely at the two pictures I don’t really think my hair has moved all that much, it is a little thicker, but other than that, I feel it’s the same.

I wouldn’t usually try something like this for just 4 weeks as hair does take a while to start showing the effects but as it was a months trial and people had been claiming dramatic results in just 4 weeks I decided to show you mine.

What do you think? can you see a difference?

Until next time: Happy hair day


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